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How to Create a YouTube Brand Account or Channel

Create Your Own Channel


Having a YouTube channel is mandatory nowadays to promote your business products or personal brand. About 122 million people watch YouTube videos every day, which means about 5 million people use YouTube every month.

So if you can share your product or brand with this large population, then the business or promotion will grow very quickly. So today I will show you how to open a YouTube brand channel, customize it, and start uploading videos.


You can open a channel yourself I will show you the step-by-step process and also how to do it if you want to outsource it to a freelancer.



What is a YouTube Brand Channel?

The YouTube channel under Gmail by default is called the mother channel. All the remaining channels created under this mother channel are called brand channels.

You can create many channels with one Gmail. But I will discuss in detail why the brand channel will open and what are its benefits.



Difference Between Mother Channel and Brand Channel

  • The mother channel is one with a Gmail
  • Brand channels are more than one under a Gmail account
  • If a brand channel is suspended for any reason, more channels can be created
  • But once the mother channel is deleted, you will not be able to create another channel with that Gmail
  • Facilities on the mother channel are less
  • Brand channels have more opportunities
  • Brand channels are easily accessible to others

Suppose you created a channel and uploaded videos for a few days and now you realize that you will not work on this matter anymore, then if you leave the channel, it will slowly freeze. If you don’t do this, you can sell the channel and you will have a profit.

To sell you have to give access to the channel to someone else. And this process can be done beautifully in the brand channel. You can easily give someone else access to your Gmail permanently.

Then you don’t have to give your personal Gmail to anyone else. Your Gmail will remain yours, only the channel will be transferred and will go under the one you sell it to. There are also many other benefits which I will discuss in detail.



Find the Perfect Channel Name

Yes, you heard right a channel is something you don’t build in a day. This should be your favorite place. Therefore, the name should be selected keeping in mind the things that should be kept in mind while choosing the name.

  1. will be beautiful
  2. will be brief
  3. Easily searchable
  4. The audience remembers
  5. Can be associated your brand name or your own name
  6. Check if the name already exists on YouTube
  7. Check in advance if there are any pages or accounts with this name on other social media.

There are various tools to verify these, but I will show you how to verify easier than the tools. You will go to Facebook, YouTube or Instagram, after going there you will search by writing your chosen name, search and see if there is any page or profile with this name.


Finding Youtube Channel Name
Finding Youtube Channel Name


Find Youtube Channel Name
Find Youtube Channel Name


In that case you can filter, I will show through the screenshot below. This way you can check if there is a channel in the name, if not then finalize the name. And if there is already a channel/page with this name, drop it and try to choose another name. This is how you finalize your name.

You need a YouTube channel. But I’m asking you to look for Facebook and Instagram because if already have an account with that name on another social media, you will have a problem later when you have to create an account with that name on another social media. For this, the name you choose should not exist elsewhere.



A Gmail Login is Required

You can open a YouTube-branded channel with your laptop, computer or mobile. In that case you need to login to Gmail. If you don’t have a Gmail login, you will see a logo in the upper right corner of the right side corner after going to YouTube apps or any browser.

By clicking there you will get the sign up option, click there and follow the next instructions to login your current Gmail account. And if you don’t have Gmail then you must create a Gmail account.



Username or Handle

The handle should be the name of the channel itself, you can also check if there is a handle under this name. I’m showing what the handle is and where it resides. It is usually the next part of the domain. []


Handle Name
Handle Name


In the default channel under your Gmail, click on the logo on the right side corner and then click on (your channel). After that go to customize channel and enter “basic info” Click and you will see the place to write the handle.

After entering the selected name, you will take it if green check mark appears. And the Red Cross symbol will actually try to pick another name again.



Start Creating YouTube Brand Channel

Create Your Channel Name
Create Your Channel Name


Our selection phase is over, now we will start creating the channel. First you need to enter YouTube. After that –

  1. Click on the settings option below on the left side
  2. Click Add or Manage your channel(s)
  3. Click Create a channel
  4. Then you can see the field to enter your channel name.
  5. Enter your Channel name
  6. Give correct marks
  7. Click on Create Your channel is created

Now it’s time for customer care.



Customize Your Channel

Now it’s time to customize, first of all setup the logo and banner. You will get instructions on the side for the size of the logo and banner. According to that size, you will create your own from Canva or Photoshop.

Remember that your logo and banner will show the beauty of a channel as well as try to attract the attention of the audience. That can be considered as the first step to increasing the channel.

Customize Channel
Customize Channel



Social Media Link Setup

Create a page or account on other social media in the name of YouTube channel and set those links here. If you already have social media accounts you can add them here. Then your audience can easily join other social media

Under Add Gmail, you will see a place to add Gmail, put your Gmail there, Someone wants to contact you for any reason in the future, he can send you an email.



Channel Description

Include the purpose of your channel or what videos you want to upload in the description. Remember this description is not a video description, it is channel description. Viewers enter your channel read this description to understand what you are working on.

Channel description, social media links, contact information, or Gmail setup are all under below the handle setup.


Guideline video on how to open YouTube channel



Default Setting

Tags, keywords, hashtags, or any information you want to give in the description of the video, you can set them by default, and then you will not need to manually setup each video again and again.



Channel Keyword Setup

It’s not your video keyword, it’s your channel keyword. So go to YouTube or Google search your channel-related keywords and see if can create some keywords of your own by taking ideas from the keywords others are using. You can use tools like VidiQ, TubeBuddy, and Ahrefs to do keyword research on this site.



Some Important Settings

While in the channel customization option, click on the settings below on the left side, then you will get all the settings together.

All these settings you will set up according to your country, and language, there are some important things I am explaining to.

Channel – Feature Eligibility – Advanced features – Intermediate features

After going to (Intermediate features) you need to verify with a phone number otherwise you will not be able to upload custom thumbnails and daily videos.

Do not forget to give the channel category, you can set up the default form of each video in which category your channel falls from this setting option.


YouTube Channel Setting
YouTube Channel Setting


Also setup the language in which you are making the video. The title and description can also be specified in which language. Then YouTube algorithm will understand very easily which audience your channel and videos should reach.

After creating the channel, upload the video. I have posted earlier on how to upload videos and do SEO. You can see it.

Ok, after seeing all this if you face any problem then you can contact us.

Or you can hire a freelancer from any freelancing platform. They will complete these tasks in a short time at a low cost.

I am going to provide below the profiles of some freelancers who have a lot of previous working experience if you want to contact them.



Anthony will Create a Successful YouTube Channel

Fiverr Pro Seller [5 Star Review (948)]

Pro Seller
Pro Seller



Leo Designs an Awesome YouTube Logo and Banner

Fiverr Top Rated Seller Member since – 2018

Logo and Banner Designer
Logo and Banner Designer



Edit Professional Videos for YouTube and Social Media

Md Jaber H. Fiverr Pro Seller

YouTube Video Editor
YouTube Video Editor



Zaheer Automates Your YouTube Channel and Creates Cashco Videos

From Pakistan Member since – 2019

Top Rated Freelancer
Top Rated Freelancer




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