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What Does a Data Analyst Specialist Do?

Data Analyst Specialist


A data analyst is not just a mathematician. Analysts examine data and apply it to identify problem-solving strategies, gain important customer insights, and increase revenue.

The process of applying statistical, logical, and analytical procedures to data sets to find information that would help in making informed decisions is known as data analysis or data analytics.



Data analytics: What is it?

In today’s technology era, data is collected, analyzed, and interpreted in an advanced environment to solve various business problems. This collection process or all the work involved is called data analysis. And this work is done by a data analysis expert.

A job as a data analyst can significantly contribute to a company’s expansion and profitability. A professional in data analytics gathers insightful information from historical data, that are typically not utilized for forecasting.

Tools including textual data analysis, data mining, and business intelligence “BI” are used by data analysts. The quality of the data has a significant impact on the information obtained through data analysis.



Data Analysis

The process of deriving knowledge from data to support business decisions is known as data analysis. Determine which data you want to examine. Then collect, analyze or test the data, Finally explain the results of the analysis.

Depending on the topic you want answer, there are different forms of data analysis. In short, analytics explain why something happened, predict future events, and prescriptive analytics provide specific recommendations for how to proceed.



What tools do data analysts use?

Data analysts use various tools to collect, process, and analyze data. Such as:

Data Collection and Extraction Tools

  1. SQL
  2. Python (for data manipulation)
  3. ETL Tools (Microsoft SSIS for Extract, Transform, and Load processes)

Data Cleaning and Preparation

  1. Excel
  2. Python Libraries (advanced data cleaning and transformation)

Statistical Analysis and Machine Learning

  1. SAS (For advanced statistical analysis)
  2. SPSS (for statistical analysis)

Data Analysis

  1. Python
  2. SQL (querying and aggregating)

Collaboration and Version Control

  1. GitHub
  2. GitLab
  3. Bitbucket

Data Visualization

  1. Tableau (Popular for shareable dashboards)
  2. Power BI

Big Data Tools

  1. Apache Hadoop
  2. Apache Spark
  3. Hive (Data warehousing solution)
  4. Kafka (For real-time streaming)

Data Warehousing

  1. Amazon Redshift
  2. Google BigQuery
  3. Snowflake ( warehousing solution)

Cloud Services

  1. AWS (Amazon Web Services for various cloud)
  2. Google Cloud Platform
  3. Microsoft Azure

These tools or platforms help data analysts manage everything from raw data collection to advanced data analysis and visualization.

Which enables them to derive actionable insights from the data.



Where to hire a data analytics expert

You should hire a data analyst depending on your work and budget. I will list a few below, from where you can hire one as per your requirement.


Social Media Platforms: You can hire anyone by searching on social media platforms or through your known cause. You must know about him well.

In this case, most experts post their portfolios of work on social media, you should check them out.


Linkedin: Linkedin is generally used by people who work professionally, although many non-professionals also open accounts there. But you have to be selective by using search filters. Also, verify the portfolio and experience of work.


Freelancing platform

Upwork: You can hire a skilled Data Analyst expert from Upwork. But here before you have to post details about your project. Then you have to select one person from there who will answer about your work.

Here you can hire someone in two ways. Number one is hourly contract, number two is a project contract. Hourly basis means that you have to pay him a fixed rate for every hour that you work with him. ($30-$150)


Message Faisal Mehmood

Message Faisal Mehmood


Fiverr: It is very easy for you, although the methods shown above are a little difficult, you have no problem here. Fiverr sellers in Fiverr have set up their shop for thousands of buyers like you, just send them a message and they will reply.

They are also ready to give advance information about my work. These systems are available on other platforms but you need to find them there. But you don’t need to find them on Fiver I am making the process easy.

I am profiling some experts here who have been working on Fiverr for a long time and their clients are 100% satisfied. You can feel free to message them for your project.


Message Boja

Message Boja


Fiverr is available to all types of freelancers be it advanced level and your cost is low. Only you have to take it out using the filter method.


Toptal: As you know, Toptal is only top 3%, which means they allow people who work there to have an account with advance verification. But here you have to spend a little more.


Message Rafael R

Message Rafael R


Freelancer: This is definitely an old platform, people who work here have long experience, also there are many new ones.


But no matter where you rent from, you have to check it very nicely. Like looking at past work, buyer ratings, also how long he has been doing this job. Then, you should hire a competent data analyst.


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