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How to Create a Facebook Business Page [Start a Business]

Facebook Business Page Create


Facebook is still the world’s largest social network. And if you’re not trying to connect with your customers, you’re missing out.

In addition to audience growth, your Facebook page allows you to create stores and run ads on the Meta platform.

It’s not just how to create a Facebook business page, it’s important to understand how to use it properly to market your brand.

I’m here to help you create a professional Facebook page and build your business by engaging with your Facebook followers.



What is a Facebook Business Page?

A Facebook Business Page is a free profile specifically designed for businesses, brands, organizations, and public figures on Facebook. It’s separate from your personal Facebook profile.

To run Facebook advertisements, launch a Facebook Shop, or use other Facebook Commerce and promotional tools, you must first create a Facebook Business Page.

A Business Page allows you to connect with a vast audience on Facebook, promote your products or services, and build a brand identity.

Customers can follow (or “Like”) Facebook Business Pages to see and interact with posts, photographs, and videos from their favorite brands, companies, and creators.


Create a Facebook page



Specify the name of the Facebook page

Choose a beautiful name in advance for your personal or business Facebook page. The things you need to keep in mind while choosing a name are:

  1. The name should be beautiful
  2. Must be associated with your business or your name
  3. And to be unique
  4. Be brief

Try to choose the name keeping these things in mind.




Username must match your page name. If this name is already used on a page, you cannot take this name.

So in advance you can go to the user name edit option of your current Facebook profile or page and see if the green signal comes.

If the green signal comes, then you know the name is correct. Then you take this name and if red signal comes then you know this name is not available. In that case it is best if you try another name instead of this name.




Section Selection

Category selection is very important here choose which one is relevant to your business.

You can use one to three categories together, Facebook has no objection. But you have to keep in mind that your business is related.




Profile Picture & Cover Photo

I will show the profile picture and cover photo size in the image. You can make your images beautifully using canva or photoshop or any third party tools.

Put only your personal picture or company logo in the profile picture and if you put more, it will spoil the beauty.

In the cover photo you can add various information such as your conrtact address, short description about the company, or your product picture.

Above all, you can decorate it to your heart’s content.

Cover Photo Size

Facebook Profile Picture Size
Facebook Profile Picture Size

Cover Photo Size

Facebook cover photo size
Facebook Cover Photo Size



Website and social media link setup

Website and other social media links should be added. Then your Facebook page followers can easily access other social media and know about new website posts or new products, and articles.

Also don’t forget to add all social media links to your website

Add Social Media Link
Add Social Media Link



Other information

If it’s a personal page, you can add

  • Name of school-college,
  • Date of birth,
  • Where you work
  • What is your favorite
  • Your habits
  • Marital Status and other information.

This will increase your profile score.

If it is the company name, you can add the year of establishment of the company, company activities and other necessary information. Then your Facebook page visitors can easily know the company information.



Friends or Followers

It is normal that your page will not have any followers at first. All you have to do is follow the followers of your product related posts from post or groups. Also Facebook will automatically suggest you some followers, you will follow them.

This is how your followers will grow slowly. And if you want to do this quickly, you can check out my post on Facebook ad campaign setup to learn more about how to run engagement ads.



Post Regularly

Try to post regularly, if you have been doing it for a week at a time, or if you have been doing it every day, try to keep it up.

By posting regularly, your audience will get updated information about you or your company very quickly. And if you do it irregularly, you will not get the presence of visitors, and the Facebook algorithm will down your page.


Post type

  • Text
  • Image
  • video (long)
  • Reels video

Anyway try to post regularly.



Oky, we have come to the last stage by following these rules you can easily create a Facebook Business Page for yourself or your business.

If you are too busy or think it is not possible for you to make it, then you can hire a freelancer from a freelancing platform to do it for you at a very low cost.

I will put the profiles of some freelancers below, you can easily contact them and create your favorite Facebook page within one day. You can see my post [Hire a freelancer from freelancing platform] to know how to hire them.



Naushad has been working at Fiverr since 2017

Nowshad Lavel 1 Seller
Nowshad Level 1 Seller



Kamran Level 2 Seller From 2017

Facebook Business  Page Creator

Kamran Level 2 Seller
Kamran Level 2 Seller



Anl Top Rated Seller (It has 500+ Five Star Rating)

Anl Top Rated Seller
Anl Top Rated Seller



Fahad Fiverr Pro Seller

Fahad Fiverr Pro Seller
Fahad Fiverr Pro Seller




Murray Swift Pro Seller Social Media Marketing Expert

Murray Swift Fiverr Pro Seller
Murray Swift Fiverr Pro Seller


You can hire Pro Seller because Fiverr Pro Sellers go through a lot of testing to place Pros so they are experts all the time.




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