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How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Video Editor for YouTube?

Hire a video editor for youtube


Whether it is your YouTube channel or your social media platform where you do video marketing, video editing has become very important first and foremost these days. If you can’t present your video in front of the audience in a very beautiful way, then no one will like your video.

And if no one likes the video, the algorithm will download your channel, page, or video. In that case, your business sales or brand promotion will suffer. So skillful video editing is very important.

Usually if we do video editing ourselves, it takes a lot of time, but from various freelancing platforms, we can hire good quality video editors at low cost, in less time, who will do our jobs very well. Let’s start, how to hire a video editor.



Edit Videos Yourself

If you want to edit, you can search on Google and download the editing software according to your PC configuration. Camtasia, Filmora, or CapCut if PC is low quality.

And if you have a good configuration, use Adobe Premiere pro. You can learn how to download them, and how to edit them through detailed YouTube videos.

I have faced some problems while editing my videos. such as:

  1. It takes a lot of time
  2. if you want to edit videos without watermark, you need to use the premium version.
  3. In that case a large amount will be spent.

Hire someone from the freelancing platform free from these hassles. Which I think is good.



Who to hire?

1. Agencies:

If you search online you will find many different types of agencies. If you want to edit the video from an agency then your cost will be a little higher but the video quality will be fine.

If you want to do regular video editing work and want to be stress free then you should work with the agency but keep the cost in mind.


2. Freelancing platform:

My advice would be to hire a skilled editor from a freelancing platform. Here you have many benefits like you can hire him full time or part time or permanent.

If you hire him permanently, the cost will be reduced a lot, edit one video, pay for one, do two, pay for two. This way you can order all your video edits at once without having to pay repeatedly.

In that case, you can pay at once because Fiverr and Upwork have systems where there are one to three packages, normal package usually includes the cost of one video edit, standard or premium packages determine the cost for long videos and many videos.

Freelancing platform advice given to you Because of this, every freelancer works very carefully on freelancing platforms. Because if a buyer complains against a seller’s name or profile, his profile or git is taken down. He will not get work orders like before.

Also, if you don’t like the work of the seller you hire, you get a money-free guarantee from that freelancing platform.



You can hire an editor for ten dollars, twenty dollars, fifty dollars per hour. Or you can get the job done at a fixed price. But you need to submit a job post first, reading that many freelancers will send their proposals for your description. From there you will talk to a specific person and submit your work.

But you need to have payment method verified or else usually no one will want to work with you.



But Fiverr is free from these problems. There you will find sellers from beginner to expert level. You just have to filter out what kind of editor you want to hire.

You can also find out which freelancers are currently online in fiber login status with one click. Then you will get instant reply as soon as you message him. You don’t have to come back later, you can finalize once.

And there are many sellers available on fiverr, because of the seller’s Competitor, they provide good quality work at low prices. And by using this opportunity you can hire good quality editor at low cost. I am writing this from my long experience.

Also, many new sellers offer free work to the first buyer to work on their profile. But there is nothing to fear, you will hire the seller according to your type of work, discuss openly with him, what kind of work you want him to do. Also things you should look at before placing an order with him.

  • Portfolio
  • Review of previous work
  • Rating
  • Communication skills
  • Amount of prior work
  • Languages skills

You can also select the country. If you hire freelancer from some South Asian countries, your cost will be much less, because their standard of living is not high. So they provide good work at very low cost. Businessmen of developed countries use freelancers of this country to do various types of work because the cost is very low.


Here are some Fiverr profiles for your convenience

1. Shafin Taosif Top Rated Seller 827+ 5 Star Review



2. Bilal Fiverr Level 2 Seller [Rating 768+]



3. Salman is a Professional YouTube Video Editor



4. Tom Fiverr Pro Seller From United Kingdom





3. Social Media:

If you search for “video editor”, you’ll find pages, profiles, and posts of a wide variety of editors who have posted jobs or described their services on profiles or pages. You can also hire them from there.

But there are some problems here, the first problem you have to face is the payment method, maybe that seller doesn’t have paypal but it’s easy to pay with your paypal, or you don’t have payoneer but that seller has payoneer. If you meet this payment method you can start working with him but don’t pay the full amount first.

And before giving him a job, get to know him well and look at his profile or previous work portfolio.

There are also many other ways to hire an editor. But I think you don’t need to work so hard. From the methods I have shown, you can choose one and hire the editor of your choice.



How much video editing cost

It totally depends on you, the type of video you want to edit usually starts from $5 and you can spend $100 or more for a video. How many minutes your video will be depends on whether it is a short video or a long video.

But $5 is enough for simple video editing. You regularly edit videos for marketing in a professional manner, then you should choose a medium package. Or one has to give permanent appointment.



Hiring a Full-Time Editor

If you want to edit twenty or more videos in a month, you should hire a full-time editor. In this case, whenever you shoot a video, you will send it to him, he will edit it and send it to you. Then it will not be necessary to hire an editor again and again, in this case the cost will be reduced and time will be saved.

You don’t have to go anywhere to hire a full time editor. A freelancer who has already done video editing should say I want to hire you on a monthly basis. In this way, talk to him and fix a salary.

And if the video is low in amount, it is better to pay for editing every time. Or to rent on a weekly basis.



For Certain Platforms

Depending on the specific platform, some freelancers edit videos, such as for YouTube only, or for Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc. If your video is made for YouTube, you should search for YouTube video editors and talk to them. Because they can edit videos very well for YouTube.

If all your videos are short ie for tiktok, youtube shorts, and facebook reels, then you should hire a short video editor.


Arslan M is a TikTok, Reel and Shorts Video Editor


You can check out this post on how to hire a freelancer from Fiverr very easily.




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