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Motion graphics designers are important for any film, video game, TV series or business venture. A large number of graphic designers are employed on contract basis.

A sequence might be created for a documentary showing the spread of a deadly virus or the opening title of a new TV show. Especially important series formats are distributed worldwide.

In addition to these mediums, creating visually appealing graphics for print, social media, movies, television, t-shirts, and other products is crucial.

Motion designers increasingly use green screen and 3D graphic tools to create VR (virtual reality) aspects for film and studio productions.

News graphics are usually created just before a story is published, but for movies, they need to create props such as posters or newspapers that are used as part of the set.



A Motion Graphics Designer—what is she?

Motion graphics designers, (often known as motion designers), are responsible for creating artwork for many media, including film, television, and the Internet.

Brings visual motion effects to life with graphics to create movie scenes and trailers, commercials, promotional videos, screen transitions or any other aspect of video production.

To create realistic scenes and motion for various visual productions, they use a variety of cinematic techniques, animation and other visual tools.



The Work of Motion Graphics Designers

Generally, the process of creating complex video content is not always easy. Most motion graphic designers are talented artists and graphic designers who can sketch a basic idea and refine it until the final product is achieved.

It incorporates into the design any input received from clients or colleagues. Motion graphics designers use their 2-D and 3-D animation talents to add the illusion of realistic visuals to static images.

Motion graphic artists are always obliged to take into account the advice of their clients and colleagues. They participate in every step of the creative process and take their criticism into account while revising and enhancing their work.

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Benefits of Hiring a Motion Graphics Designer

Improved eye appeal

Your content becomes more visual and engaging with the addition of motion graphics. Your presentations, digital content and marketing materials will all look better as a result.

Streamline interaction

It can be challenging to effectively explain complex concepts and data using words alone. Motion graphics can help you convey your message more effectively and memorably by distilling these ideas into visually appealing and easy-to-understand elements.

Expert logo design

Your brand image can be enhanced with high-quality motion graphics, giving it a more polished and professional look. Regularly using well-designed motion graphics helps reinforce company identification and give viewers a seamless visual experience.


Motion graphics are applicable to various platforms and media, such as TV, presentations, social media, websites and advertising. Making them an invaluable tool for any marketing plan.

Higher conversion rates

Using engaging motion graphics to properly guide visitors through your sales funnel can increase conversion rates. Motion graphics can be used in promotional materials, explainer videos, and product demos to compel retention.

Advanced description

Motion graphics are an effective storytelling technique. They are able to create a compelling story that will increase the impact and appeal of your message. This is especially helpful for product debuts, brand stories and instructional materials.

Benefits of SEO

Your website’s SEO can be improved by video and motion graphics by reducing bounce rates and increasing user dwell time. Superior motion graphics can help create content that keeps users interested, which is valuable to search engines.

An edge over competitors

Making an impression in a crowded market is essential. Using original and imaginative motion graphics can set your business apart from the competition and increase the memorability and distinctiveness of your content.

Cost-effective over time

Over time, motion graphics can prove to be a cost-effective solution, although an initial investment may be required. Repurposing and reusing them across different campaigns and platforms can yield long-term value.

Efficiency and time savings

Creating motion graphics is time-consuming and demands specific knowledge. A skilled designer can complete projects quickly and with high quality, giving you more time to focus on other aspects of your company.

In short, hiring a motion graphics designer can greatly improve the visual appeal, engagement, and effectiveness of your content. Greater branding, increased communication, and ultimately greater business results can result from this investment.



“Abel H” Fiverr Pro Seller

Abel H
Abel H

What you get when hiring freelancers

  • Hand-picked freelancer
  • Experienced with businesses
  • High-quality work
  • Guaranteed satisfaction

View portfolio and contact Abel H

Expert in:

  1. Video Ads & Commercials
  2. Video Advice
  3. Motion Graphics Designer


Video portfolio of motion graphics design



“George Girgis” Level 2 Seller

George Girgis
George Girgis

View portfolio and contact George Girgis

An experienced video editor and motion graphics designer proudly working in the design industry for over 7 years.

Passed BA in Computer Science from Rhine Wall University, Germany and worked as a filmmaker in several companies.


Video portfolio of motion graphics design



“Olpamish B” Level 2 Seller

Motion Graphics, Video Editing, 2D Animation Expert

Olpamish B
Olpamish B


Video Editing and Post Production, Motion Graphics, Visual effects

View portfolio and contact Olpamish B

Tools used

Adobe Premiere Pro:- Video editing, intro & outro, transition, sound, music, overlay, titles, and more.

Adobe After Effects:- animation, visual effects, overlays, motion graphics, etc.

Video portfolio of motion graphics design



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