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How to Hire Best UX Designer: A to Z Complete Guide for 2024

How to Hire UX Designer


Finding a UX designer that meets your requirements, skill level, and budget can be difficult. If you want to hire a designer for you, check out our advice on hiring a UX designer.

Hiring a UX designer will signal the beginning of a complex journey that will change your life. This phase can be really exciting or scary. Getting a little closer to what UX designers are and how they work can help you get the most out of them

Through this tutorial, we will specifically help you with this. We have listed the top 5 platforms to locate UX designers for hire in an effort to simplify the hiring process.



What Is UX Design?

Here, we’ll focus on the practical aspects of UX design, which covers the entire lifecycle of a digital product’s journey. Simply put, what is UX design and how can it help you develop your company and its offerings?

This may involve solving problems with highly complex products or addressing the complexities and guiding principles of user behavior as well as the primary goals of a product and how it interacts with users as a whole.

UX designers’ main focus is on product functionality and user experience. For every given design problem, there is more than one correct answer. UX designers explore different methods to solve a specific user problem.



What are The Benefits of Hiring UX Designer?

Examining your target market and trying to understand how external variables influence their buying decisions and behavior regarding your offering makes it easy.

The user interface is carefully crafted, so that your website or application minimizes user indifference. Thus, UX designers with good experiences increase revenue by encouraging people to spend as much time as possible using your product.

Designers are aware that user behavior is influenced by emotion. Hiring a UX designer will help you understand the emotional impact your product has on people. After that, you can make smarter decisions to improve user experience, increase revenue, and foster a sense of loyalty among customers.

Because UX design is so important, caution should be exercised when hiring designers.

That’s because there are 44,000 UX designers on Fiverr alone, working either as freelancers, as part of UX firms, or as in-house UX designers. I will help you to choose the best among them.



Hire a freelance UX designer.

There are plenty of choices for hiring a freelance UX designer. Hiring a freelance UX designer is an excellent option if you need knowledge that is not limited to one area.

Let’s look at the pros and cons of hiring a freelance UX designer.

Hiring a freelance UX designer or UX strategist is much less expensive than hiring full-time staff. If you choose an hourly rate, you must pay them for the hours they work.

The country you live in can hire anyone nearby or from your own country, if there are UX designers there, and if not, you can find them using freelancing platforms.


1. Upwork

You can hire a designer from Upwork, but Upwork has two method of work, one is an hourly contract and the other is a project contract. So, you do it hourly you have to pay him for hour. If you have a project contract, be sure to talk about your project in advance and then finalize the work contract with him. But Upwork requires you to post the job in advance with your job description.


2. Fiverr

There is no trouble post a job on Fiverr, there you first search that you need a ux designer, then you can see many seller profiles will show. From there you can filter or scroll down to find a good quality designer.

Then see his rating, work experience, how many years he has been working and give him a message. That you want to do this with him. In Fiber you will find many freelancers who will provide you good quality work at low cost.

So you have to choose which profile is suitable for you from among many profiles/gigs. You can filter by how much you want the job done.

You can also do this with Fiverr Pro service. Those freelancers who have good work experience get chance in fiverr pro. Because Fiber doesn’t give all freelancers a chance to go pro.


I will put the profiles of some people here so you can talk to them.



Zuhran Professional Ui/Ux Designer Expert

Zuhran UI UX Designer
Zuhran UI UX Designer



Bashar B Fiverr Top Rated Seller

Bashar B UI UX Designer
Bashar B UI UX Designer



Giovanni” From France {Fiverr pro}

Giovanni UI UX Designer
Giovanni UI UX Designer



Touhidul I” Level 2 Seller Senior UI/UX Designer

Touhidul UI UX Designer
Touhidul UI UX Designer



Nikita K Kakade” UX UI Designer 650+ Rating

Nikita K Kakade UI UX Designer
Nikita K Kakade UI UX Designer




3. Toptal

One of Toptal’s biggest features is its proprietary matching algorithm, which takes into account the dynamics of your needs to match you with the best-fitting UX designers.

A distinct advantage of renting from Toptal is the price. You can collaborate with a freelance UX designer or hire a full-time designer, all for a flat weekly fee with no additional fees.

You can test the platform during a 2-week trial session. If the results meet your expectations, you can continue using the premium plans to meet your recruiting needs.

With a comprehensive approach to all applicants, Toptal hires only the best candidates who meet its quality standards. Toptal selects the top 3% of talent, so companies don’t have to screen them again before hiring them.

This speeds up the hiring process, which benefits both the client and the talent. This can time limit your access to top talent and avoid friction during the hiring process.




4. Behance

Behance is a social media platform for professionals. Designers share portfolios in the app. The site has various smart filters to find the best applicants for graphic design assignments.

Various kinds of designers can host their portfolios on Behance and publish information about their tool stack, former clients, availability, resumes, and other social media platforms that could be of interest to recruiters.

You can find experts in a variety of creative fields, including information architecture, interaction design, UI/UX, and more. If a search yields no suitable individuals, these carefully chosen galleries may help you identify fresh talent. They showcase young and aspiring designers.



5. 99Designs

99Designs is a global platform linking companies like design agencies with creatives for any type of design work. The platform makes it easy for employers to find the best talent for their needs by categorizing them.

It is not possible to hire a UX designer on a full-time basis through 99Designs. rather You are able to identify quality candidates just by using its search function.

Once a designer has been selected, you can start the project by inviting him or her to discuss costs. Companies allow hiring a limited number of people by shortlisting their profiles.


You can hire a designer of your choice from these platforms.



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